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  • Driven by Duane Cotton 112 January 24, 2020
    Can a car inspire and create one's life? Make you seek out employment at 13? Teach you about finance? Connect you to a loved one? Pull you back from nothing? Make you buy a cookie? Duane makes a good case in his book "Driven". From life at 13 to donating his time to Extreme Makeover, […]
    John Viviani, Duane Cotton, Derek Moore
  • The Auctions 111 January 17, 2020
    Yep, we are here early, but right in the middle of Auction Week with an auction episode. We talk about auctions, a few cars, a few rules, market feelings, and whatever. Oh and John's rant. Sean Yoder joins us again in our new host rotation.
    John Viviani, Sean Yoder, Derek Moore
  • Tavis Highlander- The whole show 110b January 13, 2020
    Sorry if you get this in your feed twice, only 30 minutes of our hour and ten chat with Tavis posted. If you have the 1hr 8min show this is a repeat, if you have 30 minutes, take a relisten. Designer extraordinaire Tavis Highlander joins us to discuss Hot Rod design. His recent project for […]
    John Viviani, Will Posey, Tavis Highlander
  • Tavis Highlander 110 January 13, 2020
    Designer extraordinaire Tavis Highlander joins us to discuss Hot Rod design. His recent project for Big Oak Garage, the '61 Impala which you see in bare metal at the Grand National Roadster show next week. How did Tavis get into design, how was it to work with Joe Rogan? We touch on that and a […]
    John Viviani, Will Posey, Tavis Highlander, Derek Moore
  • Will our look ahead be 2020 EP209 January 7, 2020
    A look back at how we lived up to our goals for 2019, and what new is in store for 2020. WIll has some major projects in the works and multiple 2020 SEMA builds, Derek has a lot on his personal plate including a barn raising, and John and his company ( have a new […]
    John Viviani, Derek Moore, Will Posey
  • I Bought a Car Company 108 December 30, 2019
    From our lost hard drives this interview we did with Rick Milne. Back in the spring Rick and his buddy bought a car company. We ask him why and how. Get some great stories. 
    John Viviani, Rick Milne, Derek Moore, Will Posey
  • Catching Up and Looking Back 107 December 23, 2019
    The guys are all back and try to catch up on what has been going on. Then we try and find a car of the 10-19 Decade,
    John Viviani, Will Posey, Derek Moore
  • Too Much Power? 106 December 16, 2019
    Sean Yoder joins the show. The conversations cover everything from electric cars, start-stop technology, teen driving, do cars have too much HP, and few other quick topics. 
    Sean Yoder, John Viviani
  • Tesla Cybertruck Finally 105 December 9, 2019
    We waited. Took in all the info. Now we talk Tesla Cybertruck. 
    Derek Moore, John Viviani
  • Destroying Classics SHO-E 195 November 25, 2019
    We jump right in the middle of a discussion on modifying and "destroying" cars, for the greater good. Then, of course, we discuss the Mustang Mach-E. Is it the right thing? Is it the right name? Do we need it?
    John Viviani, Will, Posey, Derek Moore
  • The Return, the SEMA, Cross Country, the Cannonball 104 November 18, 2019
    After an unexpected break, everyone returns and fills you in. #SEMA, Corvette donations, new ventures, travel, and somehow the Cannonball. (Of course, we recorded on Wednesday and on Thursday #Vinwiki and Ed post a video...) Join us and comment on the new editing style that will help keep us more regular. 
    John Viviani, WIll Posey, Derek Moore
  • Jerry Dixey Still Crusin 103 October 7, 2019
    Jerry Dixey from Street Rodder magazine had dinner with Will. Then we grabbed him for an after-dinner conversation. We talk hot rod, street rods, vans, pedal cars and more. After Jerry we talk about giving away a dragstrip and making to much noise at a different strip.
    John Vivisni, Will Posey, Derek Moore, Jerry Dixey
  • What does Turbo mean? 102 September 23, 2019
    Everyone had active weeks. LS Fest, Old Car Festival, John bought a Van (part 2). Then we touch on installing airbags on a minivan. Kevin Hart and safety in hot rods gets talked about. Then we wrap up discussing Porsche Electric Turbo models. (And how Porsche defines the word Turbo)
    John Viviani, Will Posey, Derek Moore
  • John's Reality Check 101 September 9, 2019
    John is beginning to grow up and is dumping his new cars for something used. $5-6K. He asks Will and Derek for advice. John struggles. 
    John Viviani, WIll Posey, Derek Moore
  • Monterey Auctions 99 August 30, 2019
    There might have been 70,000,000 things to talk about in Monterey, but we only get into 17,000,100 of them. See what the guys' comments are about what went on in Monterey on a hot August night.
    Derek Moore, John Viviani, Will Posey
  • Collecting Smalls 98 August 29, 2019
    Don't have room for 6 cars? Don't have money for 3 cars? Derek and John discuss some of the smaller items they have in their collections. Where they find them. Why they have them. Even some financial advice.
    Derek Moore, John Viviani
  • Type 64 and Duesenberg Problems 100 August 4, 2019
    Our guest, Adam Martin, was in the room when the "Porsche" Type 64 "bid to $70million. He gives us the 1st person account. Then we talk using our cars, roadside Duesenberg repairs, and old friends. The hosts are slightly different for the 100th episode of NDG, but the backgrounds are the same.
    John Viviani, Derek Moore, Adam Martin
  • Wisconsin Highway Patrol 97 July 12, 2019
    The Wisconsin Highway Patrol is back in the news for ticketing a 32 Ford for having modifications. This is a great example of how we as car hobbyists need to stay on top of what is happening to preserve our hobby. John and Will discuss the situation, why it is important, and what can be […]
    John Viviani, WIll Posey
  • Iaccoca and Icons 96 July 8, 2019
    With the passing of Lee Iaccoca- Derek and John bump up their discussion of automotive icons. They cover the last 130 years of Icons to the American Automotive Manufacturing Industry. How they impacted the industry, design and our lives. 
    John Viviani, Derek Moore
  • Flashback! July 1, 2019
    It is a holiday week at NDG, but we didn't want to leave you without an episode! We are going back in time to Episode 2 Electrifying Car Talk. We talk about electric cars and Tesla. We will be revisiting this topic within the next few weeks and a refresher is good for everyone. So […]
    John Viviani, Will Posey, Derek Moore

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