Meet the Hosts

John, Derek, and WIll proved a diverse look at the automotive world. With varying background and opinions they will often provide a different thought process on the industry, but when it all said and done they respect each other's thoughts. Most of the time.


Will Posey


Will Posey is owner and operator of his own Hot Rod shop. Having built many well know hot rods over the years Will has gained a strong following in the industry. He also graduated from McPherson College alongside John.


John Viviani


By day John is a collector car consultant but has a history in automobile museums, restoration, and general repair. Holding a Degree from the famed McPherson College he has over 25-year collector car experience covering everything from sales, repairs to frame off concour restorations.


Derek Moore


Derek Moore is a pre-war expert never mind his day job as a museum curator of more modern sports cars. Having a degree in Museum Conservation and extensive knowledge not only of the history of the automobile his expertise cannot be beaten on the preservation and treatment of historic automobiles.